MessageGears SMTP Relay Service

There’s a lot that’s required to obtain excellent deliverability. MessageGears takes care the technical challenges for you. We’ll ensure your messages pass DKIM, SPF, and rDNS checks. We can even white-label your email so all the headers and tracking links use your own domain.

You can integrate with our SMTP Relay service in a matter of minutes. Simply point your existing application or mail server at us. We’ll be your SMTP server in the cloud. Or, if you need more powerful features (like content management, dynamic content, etc.) you can use our comprehensive set of easy to use Web Services, Java, and .NET SDKs.

SMTP Relay Benefits

  • World Class Inbox Delivery
  • Implementation in Minutes
  • Actionable Reporting & Analytics
  • Support from Email Experts
  • Reliable and Scalable

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