On-Premise Email Marketing Workbench

MessageGears Accelerator combines the power of an Enterprise Email Marketing solution with the convenience of SaaS. It runs on-premise, behind your firewall, which enables direct integration with your corporate databases. Accelerator sends your email jobs to the MessageGears Cloud for delivery and tracking, so there are no email servers to install, and you’ll be up and running in just a few hours. This unique, hybrid approach keeps Accelerator light and easy to support, while maintaining all the power and performance needed for enterprise-scale email marketing. show me more…

Email Marketing Automation APIs

Are your building a CRM or other Marketing Automation Application? Focus on the marketing features, and let us handle the heavy lifting involved with sending the email. We have a full suite of Email Marketing APIs that will provide you with all of the services needed to send and track email. This includes an email template language, real-time delivery of activity data (opens, clicks, bounces, etc), thumbnail image generation, account provisioning, etc. show me more…

World Class Inbox Delivery

There’s a lot that’s required to obtain excellent deliverability. MessageGears takes care of the technical challenges for you. We’ll ensure your messages pass DKIM, SPF, and rDNS checks. We can even white-label your email so all the headers and tracking links use your own domain. We also provide tools to test your email content to see if your content may trigger a spam filter.

Powerful Message Personalization

One of the most important aspects of a successful email marketing program is delivering relevant content to each recipient. MessageGears provides an Email Templating Language that gives you full control over the content of each message. You won’t find a more powerful templating language in any other email marketing tool. show me more…

Reliable and Scalable

You can rest assured that your email will be sent when you need it to be sent. Our service is fully redundant and located in multiple geographical locations. That’s why all of our customers send from at least 2 IP addresses. This allows us to achieve over 99.9% availability and sub-second response time, with no scheduled downtime. Our services are monitored via an independent 3rd party from access points all over the world, and the results are available right on our website.

Support from Experts

If you need help, we’ve here to assist. Support is available via email, on-line help desk, telephone, or chat. We’ve been doing email for a long time, and we can help you with any of your programming or email deliverability problems.