BulkJobSummary v3.0

This version of the API has been deprecated. There is a newer version of this API.

Input Parameters

Parameter Description
Action BulkJobSummary
AccountId The MessageGears account id to which this item belongs.
ApiKey A secret key only known by you. Keep this key confidential.
BulkJobRequestId The Request Id of the bulk job to be queried. You can supply this field or the BulkJobCorrelationId, but not both.
BulkJobCorrelationId The correlation Id of the bulk job to be queried. You can supply this field or the BulkJobRequestId, but not both. This value is provided by the user when the BulkJobSubmit API is called. Querying using this value can be very helpful when building BulkJobSubmit retry logic when and error occurs and you are not sure if the bulk job request was received successfully.

Response Values

Parameter Data Type Description
RequestId String The unique id for this API call. If you need support with a problem accessing this API, the support team may ask for the request id which will help them locate information about your specific request. This is different from the BulkJobRequestId which was passed in to the API.
Result String Result is always be REQUEST_SUCCESSFUL or REQUEST_FAILED. If REQUEST_FAILED is returned, you also receive a list of one or more errors which occurred while attempting to process the API request.
BulkJobRequestId String The Request Id of the bulk to be queried. This is simply a confirmation of the bulk job id that was submitted to the service.
Messages Integer The total number of email recipients that were submitted to the service for processing. This is essentially a count of the “” elements in your recipient XML file.
Clicks Integer The total number of links that were clicked in messages sent out as a part of this bulk job. Tracking links in accomplished using HTTP redirects. There is no limit on the the lifetime of a redirect and these URLs will continue to redirect customers indefinitely. So, if someone clicks on a link in a message that is a year old, they will still be redirected to the URL that was specified in the template.
Opens Integer The total number of times messages were opened that were sent out as a part of this bulk job. Open tracking only works on HTML content, and only then if the email client used by the recipient has allowed image rendering for your message.
Bounces Integer The total number of messages that were confirmed as undelivered. Some email messages will “hard bounce” immediately and you will see them reflected in this counter soon after submitting a job. Other messages may “soft bounce” and will continue to be retried based on internal retry policies for as long as several days. If a message continues to “soft bounce” when the internal retry policy limit is reached, the message will then be considered a hard bounce.
Unsubscribes Integer This is a placeholder for a future feature. It was implemented here so it can be added without having to release a new version of the XSD or API.
Deliveries Integer The total number of messages that were successfully delivered.
SpamComplaints Integer The total number of times a recipient of an email message from this bulk job clicked the “report spam” button in their email reader.
RenderErrors Integer The total number of messages that could not be delivered as a result of errors in the message content. This usually occurs when there is syntax error in the Freemarker or Velocity script (if any) contained in the message content. It can also occur if an email message is blank or contains a serious formatting error (no “@” character, etc).
BulkJobErrors String A list of errors experienced in attempting to process the bulk job. These are errors that were experiences after the request was received. Examples of this kind of error include errors retrieving the recipient data file, and errors with the XML content of the recipient data file. Usually, an error of this type prevents the entire job from being processed. The remedy is to simple fix the error and resubmit the entire job via the SendBulkJob API.