BulkJobSubmit v3.0

This version of the API has been deprecated. There is a newer version of this API.

Required Parameters

Parameter Personalizable Description
Action BulkJobSubmit
AccountId The MessageGears account id to which this item belongs.
ApiKey A secret key only known by you. Keep this key confidential.
The "from email address" value. This field can be personalized using one of the supported template languages.
The value used as the subject line. You can personalize this field using one of the supported template languages.
RecipientListXmlUrl A URL pointing to a file that contains a list of recipient data. The file may be compressed using the "ZIP" or "GZIP" algorithms. Supported protocols are http, https, and Amazon S3 . The referenced file must have a ".xml" extension if uncompressed, ".zip" if compressed using ZIP, and ".gz" if compressed using Gzip.

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The HTML template used for the HTML part of the email messages. At least one template must be provided (Text or HTML). If both are provided then a “multipart” message is sent and each email recipient’s email reader determines which content type to display.
The text template used for the text part of the email message.

Optional Parameters

Parameter Personalizable Description
The "from name" value. This header is supported by most email clients and displays in place of (or sometime along with) the “from email address” in the recipients email reader.
Sets the "On Behalf Of" name part of the "Sender" header.

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Sets the "On Behalf Of" email address part of the "Sender" header.
This email address is used when the client selects "reply to" in their email reader. If not specified, the from address is used.
TemplateLanguage Valid values are: FREEMARKER or VELOCITY. If no value is specified, FREEMARKER is used by default.

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NotificationEmailAddress If this value is specified, any errors that are encountered in processing the job are emailed to this address. This can be very helpful for initial development and testing.
AttachmentUrl.n The URL where the attachment file is located. As many as 5 attachments can be supplied. Each attachment must have the appropriate suffix (i.e. .1, .2, .3, .4, .5).

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AttachmentName.n The name displayed in the email message for the attached file. This is an optional field and if not provided, the name of the file is used as the attachment name.
AttachmentContentType.n The content type associated with the attachment.
CharacterSet The character set in which the email message will be encoded. If this field is not set, the default value of UTF-8 is used.

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AutoTrack If set to "true" (case insensitive) all links in the HTML content will be made trackable. Otherwise, they will not. If true, any link inside an anchor tag, or image map tag will be marked as trackable. If the tag specifies a "name" attribute, the name will be set as the link name in your activity data.

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Use this optional field to specify a string to be appended to each trackable link in your HTML content. This parameter will only be accepted if the AutoTrack option above is set to "true". It can be helpful when used in conjunction with a web analytics system such as Google Analytics to add your campaign Id and other data to each of your links.

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CustomTrackingDomain This optional field is used to provide a custom domain name to be used for trackable links and the open tracking URL. You must set a CNAME in your DNS that points to www.messagegears.net. Please test this carefully before using. Example: http://www.mycompany.com (please include the protocol/prefix).

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CorrelationId This field allows you to supply your own job id. This Id will be returned with all reporting data (including the real-time data feed) and can make it much easier to match events coming out of MessageGears with the job they belong to in your own system.
ContextDataXml This field is used to supply data to the template that is not directly related to the recipient. For example, this field could contain data about weekly airfare specials by city. The template could then select only the fares that originated from the same city as the recipients home. This helps make it easy to create templates with relevant data for each recipient.

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