Web Services

The MessageGears Web Services are RESTful in style. Making an API call is as simple as submitting a URL with specific name/value pairs. Once a request has been submitted, the service will respond with an XML document. The results will conform to an XML Schema Definition (XSD) which can be used to auto-generate source code.

XSD Location


Base URL


Web Services

You should always use the HTTP POST method when calling the APIs from your application. For demonstration purposes, the examples shown for each API call use the HTTP GET method which has a very small size limit (approx. 2KB). The POST methods for our services will accept requests of up to 2MB.
Web Service Description
TransactionalJobSubmit Send individual, personalized email messages. This API sends a single email per invocation.
BulkJobSubmit Send email messages to a list of recipients. There is no hard limit on the size of the list and millions of emails can be sent from a single invocation of this API.
BulkJobSummary Check the status of a bulk job. It returns the total deliveries, clicks, opens, bounces, unsubscribes, and spam complaints.
AccountActivity Retrieve your detailed account activity for a given day (deliveries, clicks, opens, bounces, etc.).
AccountSummary Retrieve summary information for your account for a given day (deliveries, clicks, opens, bounces, etc.).
RealTimeAccountActivity Retrieve all your detailed account activity in “real time” (deliveries, clicks, opens, bounces, etc.).
MessagePreview Test the rendering of an email template. Many parts of each email message sent using the Bulk and Transactional APIs can be personalized using a template language. This API is very useful for those who are building email marketing tools and need a way to allow content authors to test dynamic email content as they develop it.
TransactionalCampaignSubmit Send individual, personalized email messages using a template stored in our content manager.
BulkCampaignSubmit Send email messages to a list of email addresses using a template stored in our content manager.
CreateAccount Creates a new child account.
UpdateAccount Updates a new child account.
Thumbnail Creates a Thumbnail Image (.jpg) from html or text content. The image is intended to be used to create a thumbnail representation of a Template.

Common Response Values (returned by all APIs)

Parameter Data Type Description
RequestId String The unique id for this API call.
Result String Result will always be REQUEST_SUCCESSFUL or REQUEST_FAILED. If REQUEST_FAILED is returned, you will also receive a list of one or more errors which occurred in attempting to process the API request.

Example Success Response


Example Failure Response

            <ErrorMessage>The accountId and/or password are invalid.</ErrorMessage>