MessageGears .NET SDK

The MessageGears .NET SDK makes integration seamless. The SDK eliminates the need to write any web services code and enables you to access all of our services using the .NET. It also provides access to Amazon’s S3 and SQS services to make it easy to exchange files with MessageGears.

C# Code Examples

C# sample code is provided with each web service description

NuGet Package Manager

The SDK is available for download from NuGet Gallery.

NuGet Gallery for MessageGears SDK

SDK Downloads

Or you can download and install each DLL by hand with the links below.

MessageGears Code .NET DLL
Amazon AWS DLL
Log4Net DLL

Open Source SDK

We’ve made the source code to our .NET SDK available to you. You’re welcome to write your own code to access our web services natively using our code as a reference.

C# SDK Source Code on GitHub